• Are you looking for an easy way to connect with your kids and lead your family? 

    If so, ThriveParent classroom is the perfect place for you! As a seasoned parent and educator, I confidently say that our online courses are specifically designed to help busy parents gain new perspectives and skills to become more effective in their parenting. 

    Our goal isn't just to give you advice – it's also to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to be successful. Through our interactive lessons and exercises, you'll learn how to communicate better with your children, set boundaries, and make decisions based on your goals and values. You'll walk away from each course feeling empowered and equipped to thrive as a parent. 

    Course features:

    - Engaging video tutorials 

    - Interactive exercises and quizzes

    - Comprehensive curriculum tailored to parents of all age groups

    - Easy access to lesson materials anytime, anywhere

    - Self-paced material, to learn at your speed, and to review as you like

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Available courses

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Would you like adopt a laid-back style of parenting that is in attunement with the needs of children, without all the pressure to be perfect... 

Lazy Parenting, parenting a simpler way, the book, is a short and cheeky guide to parenting without all the pressure, angst, shame, and guilt.

Take this course to accompany the book, to find out more about this lower-stress style of attachment-parenting.

Parents who take ReConnect have reported decreased stress levels, increased understanding of their children’s needs, more connection within their families and increased peace within their homes. 

What would it be like for you to experience these positive changes in your family life?

This course is designed to help you become a more effective and influential parent. Whether you are a first-time parent or have been parenting for years, this course can help you to build stronger relationships with your children and develop new strategies for handling challenging situations.

It's is self-paced and online, which means you can complete it on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home. This is particularly valuable for busy parents who may not have the time or energy to attend in-person classes.

Covering a wide range of topics related to parenting, including effective communication, strategies for making successful rules, managing stress and anxiety, building resilience and more, you will learn practical skills and strategies that you can immediately put into practice in your own family.

ReConnect: 8 weeks to influential parenting is an excellent opportunity to invest in yourself as a parent and develop the skills and strategies you need to build strong, healthy relationships with your children.

Start leading the family of your dreams —enrol now!

Would you like to Understand & Be Understood?

Level up your communication skills in just 6 weeks with this self-paced online course!

Would you like to be completely satisfied with how people respond to your communication? Do you feel that you're understood most of the time, that people follow your directions, and understand why you want them to do what you're asking? 

This course, designed for parents and others who work with kids, is made up of solid communication skills training that can be used at work and at home, with people of all ages.

In this short course you'll discover:

~ the hidden barriers to communication that you can easily remove

~ effective listening skills for negotiating, motivating others, and maintaining heartfelt connections

~ how to analyze conversations to discover the most constructive places to refine your results

~ how to understand your own (and others') communication style, and apply it to lower frustration and improve cooperation in every area of life

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